Join us this fall and winter for a series of interactive presentations on all things bike. The Greater Victoria biking community has a wealth of information about biking and loves to share ideas and knowledge.  Plus, it’s fun to get together for coffee and treats and talk bike! Even if you are NOT a bike rider but would like to be!  There may be a small charge for a Cafe if we have to cover the cost of our facility rental but coffee and treats are on us or by donation.

NOVEMBER: The Joys of the Season: Riding Through the Winter
1pm to 3pm, Sunday, November 15, 2015
455 Sitkum Road, Victoria BC

  • Free event
  • Complementary refreshments for the event donated by the super bike-friendly businesses, La Tana traditional Italian bakery and Habit Coffee!
  • Space is limited so please RSVP by emailing or through WeBike Meetup if you are a WeBike meetup member.

No need to let the weather put a damper on your cycling fun this winter! Join us for the 2nd of our WeBike Café series – The Joys of the Season: Winter Riding!

Discover new ways to cycle safely and comfortably during our cool, dark, wet, foggy winter. Cycling keeps our spirits up when daylight is short – all the more reason to keep rolling over the winter season.

Cindy Marven, a certified CanBike instructor, will talk about some adjustments you can make to your riding style, how to avoid potential hazards relating to winter riding, and the few, but essential, pieces of gear that makes using your bike for everyday winter riding, practical and comfortable.

Spending 6 years without a car, our guest speaker has been providing a vital voice in the push to normalize cycling in Victoria for years. From regular features on her blog about the citizen cycling movement (with a particular focus on women who cycle for transport), to sponsoring events that bring guest speakers to YYJ to inspire and inform. Susan Stokhof, from Le Vélo Victoria (, will share what it means to ride through the winter comfortably, dressed for your destination. There will be demonstrations that will inspire you to find your cycle fashion and ride your way!

Join us for this free event – discover the joys of winter riding, and enjoy complimentary refreshments!  Looking forward to meeting you!

JANUARY:  Fitness and Everyday Riding. Time/Date/Location to TBA. The key to staying fit and healthy is fitting physical activity into your everyday life – sounds easy, but is ridiculously difficult when you have family and work responsibilities.  Riding for transportation can really help. Learn about ways to incorporate riding a bike into your everyday life and stay fit, just getting to the store, to work, and to school. Yes, even with kids, depending on your circumstances.

FEBRUARY:  Buying a Bike. Time/Date/Location to TBA. Buying a bike that fits you, and suits your needs and style of riding, is key to enjoying the bike for years to come. Learn about getting a bike that fits, discover what KIND of bike you want and where to find it in the Victoria area, and get an idea of the range of prices to expect.  Overall, the money you spend on a bike returns itself many times over in health benefits and lowered transportation costs (think gas, oil, maintenance, and other car expenses). Money well spent!

APRIL:  Bike Commuting – You and Your Family. Time/Date/Location to TBA.  May is Bike to Work Week.  Let’s get ready for commuting by bike. Now that you have a bike (see above)…find out about how to get your bike ready for daily (or more frequent) use, tips for arriving to work looking and feeling fresh, how to get out the door on time, planning your bike route to work (which is usually different than the route you’d take with your car), and more.  We will also talk about commuting by bike AND getting kids to school and daycare on your way.  Definitely a challenge but can be done in most cases with some planning and flexibility, and sometimes, multi-modal help (car-bike; transit-bike, etc.).


For information about our bi-weekly rides, check out the ‘Meetups’ tab on this site or the WeBike Meetup Group. We schedule rides twice a month for beginners who would like to get more experience on their bikes on shorter, comfortable paced, social rides, and intermediate rides, for riders who would like to go a little farther while still maintaining a social atmosphere (breath and talk!) while riding.


September 6, 2014.  Moss Street Market – WeBikers set up an info booth, met a lot of people interested in bicycling, ate some great food, and listened to music. A great way to spend Saturday.  North Park Bike Shop chipped in with a great draw prize for a lucky visitor to our booth – a free tuneup (value $65).  Thanks North Park!

October 18, 2014.  BC Bikes Conference, Victoria, BC.– Panel Session on Family Bicycling. WeBike members helped to organize and participated in a panel focused on family bicycling called “The Critical Gap:  Families and Cycling”.  It was one of the last conference sessions of the weekend, and it coincided with another very popular session (how to obtain funds for non-profits) – still – our smaller but enthusiastic group had a stimulating and enlightening discussion about some of the barriers and solutions for family transportation cycling.

November 29, 2014.  Oak Bay Bike Festival.  The good folks in Oak Bay invited WeBike to participate in their festival along with many other exhibitors.  Held indoors, wisely, as it was icy and snowy that day.  Some great skills displays by the Beshano Bike Trials Club.

April 19, 2015.  Saanich Bike Festival.  The annual family bike fest was back, hosted by Saanich Municipality at UVic.

OCTOBER:  (Cancelled – Will be rescheduled in the spring, 2016)
WeBike Cafe Series: Talk About Touring:  $7 per person. Thursday, October 22, 2015:  7pm to 9pm, Pine Room, Monterey Centre, 1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria BC, V8S 4W1 (just off Oak Bay Avenue).  Car and bike parking available in the lot at the Monterey Centre.

Dreaming of next year’s trip? Consider an active vacation or staycation. Everything you ever wanted to know about bike touring, but never had a chance to ask! Three women are happy to share their extensive bike touring experiences and knowledge with you! Tour planning, types of tours, local touring, touring with your family, touring gear, and everything from local day tours to multi-day, multi-continent tours. Our presenters have planned and ridden tours in Europe, Australia, and North America – as well as in our own beautiful backyard! Enjoy refreshments and each other’s company – ask questions, and share your own experiences! This event is open to the public so bring your friends of any gender.