Women’s Everyday Bicycling (WeBike) Association supports and celebrates women riding bikes for everyday reasons – to shop, to go to work, to take kids to school, to visit friends, and to have fun. We get together to share information through experience or workshops, to plan and ride to events, and to advocate for better cycling environments for ourselves and our families.

We hold themed coffee meetups once a month or so on diverse themes such as bike buying, bike fit, carrying cargo, riding in wet weather, riding with your kids, how to fix flats, route selection tips – as well as for purely social reasons.

We especially welcome new bicycle riders and people returning to bike riding after a long absence. If you would like to learn to use your bike for transportation more often and want to meet others who love riding their bikes, this is the group for you! When we ride together, the pace is easy and comfortable. No need for speed! All abilities and fitness levels are welcome.


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